At Which Age Is Good To Get Married?


In marriage we all know that there’s a serious double standard both females and males. Men are often told to wait to get married until they’re mature, financially secure and comfortable with themselves, I can assume you that this are the reasons why most of men get married at their old age.

There is a certain maturity level that a person reaches where they will likely succeed in their marriage, and it usually happens after age 30.

Women tend to have a higher level of emotional maturity, majority of the couples that got married earlier at 20th to 25th years that divorce within a couple of times are results been amateur, wisdom truly does come with age and i know they’re still few young couples who are still enjoying their marriage till date.

Women feel so bad when they passed 30th birthday without a proposal, i means a lot to them as if they’ve missed there moment.

Most of couples who are on the verge of divorce, they married before they found themselves and before they had the experiences that come with the ‘singledom’ of your 20s.”

A person who marries at age 28-30 is more than 50 percent less likely to get divorced than is someone who marries at age 20.

Couples in their 30s are not only more mature, they are usually more educated and tend to have a more secure economic foundation. (Money troubles can be a major divorce trigger). I can assume you that almost everyone regardless of sex, religious tradition, sexual history, and the family structure they grew up in the late 20s appears to be the best time to marry.

The divorce risk for people who married in their 30s has flattened, rather than declining as it had done in years prior.

Couples who tie the knot after their early 30s are more likely to divorce than those who wed in their late 20s.

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